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Catching Up

Catching Up


It’s been a really busy couple of weeks, so I appreciate your patience while I’ve now made the time to catch up with myself. So, what’s been happening?

On Sunday, 23rd June I attended Iain Abernethy’s seminar in Waltham Cross, hosted by Terry Monksfield of Do He Dai Shotokan Karate. The theme was The Drills of Choki Motobu; similar to the last seminar I attended, but with the addition of some gripping and escapes to break away from the grip. It was a fantastic day (as usual), as Iain gave clear instructions, historical tales, and entertained at the same time. I was very happy to be Iain’s uke for the demonstrations.

The venue is great too. The V&E Judo Centre, a fully matted hall, ideal for these events, and Iain will be back there On Sunday the 22nd of September 2024. The seminar will cover the methods of Morinobu Itoman. As a police officer Itoman understood how to apply karate techniques against violent criminals. The seminar will cover his principles, tactics, thoughts on karate, use of environment, improvised weaponry, karate locks, throws, strikes etc.,
To book your place on this seminar, contact Terry Monksfield on 07515 508766

Iain Abernethy’s Motobu Drills

As well as my regular gym and wonderful yoga classes, I’ve increased the frequency on my own karate training.

Working towards the opening night, working behind the scenes on admin tasks & marketing – not my preferred environment, but vital for the growth of Keiryu Practical Karate.

That’s it for this post, but there will be another one today covering our opening night!


Lee Mullan
Keiryu Practical Karate