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Iain Abernethy’s Motobu Drills Seminar – 9th June 2024

Iain Abernethy’s Motobu Drills – 9th June 2024 – Shinfield

An early start for a pre-training coffee and slice of cake with my friend and training partner, Vijay Pathak of Forest Schools of Karate (Welwyn Garden City).

The seminar was hosted by Kazoku Karate Do. A great group of people, and it’s always a great to catch up with friends there.
Iain Abernethy’s seminar was Choki Motobu’s Drills. Iain, as always, delivered superb content and historical evidence to make learning interesting and enjoyable.
I love these drills. There’s so much information contained within them, and Moto’s teachings are really impressive, especially with Iain’s understanding of kata, bunkai, and historical knowledge.
Iain also taught us the kata he created to help learn these drills as solo practice, and the oyo (application) for them. The name Iain has given the kata is Seinipo/Juniho (12 Steps). To give you an idea of the content, here’s a link to the tenth drill.

Group photo taken at the end of the seminar


Lee with Vijay (Forest Schools of Karate), Mark & Mary (Athena School of Karate)

Lee Mullan with Iain Abernethy

Lee with John Jarvis – Kazoku Karate Do

Thanks to all at Kazoku Karate Do for hosting another great event. To Iain, for his teaching, and to Vijay and Mary for their hands-on help.

The next seminar I’m attending is on Sunday, 23rd of June in Waltham Cross, Hosted by Terry Monksfield (Do He Dai Karate). Details can be found here.

That’s it for this post. Now I’ll continue getting things ready for the opening of our dojo here in Essex!


Lee Mullan
Keiryu Practical Karate

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